Preventing abuse of children and youth is a broad topic affecting all of society. It is vitally important to give protection to them not only in your own interest but also for the sake of a wholesome society which we all want to live in. We at Hasselblad are eager to make our contribution to preventing violence directed at children and young people. We feel a sense of urgency and obligation to capture this explosive topic in visual images and thus bring it to the attention of the public.

Uwe Moebus
Managing Director
Hasselblad Vertriebs GmbH, Germany
Hasselblad France SAS, France


It is quite a challenge to create an artistic work based on the topic of violence prevention. Because I am a painter myself, I feel I am in a position to judge that pretty well. I have […] often wondered how I could capture this topic in a painting. […] The participants have done a very good job of making an abstract theme accessible and tangible in their works. I personally hold this great achievement in high regard.

Andreas Voelmle
Spokesperson and Vice-Chair of the Dominik-Brunner-Stiftung, Munich


I believe that below the surface which we perceive a still deeper world is concealed, a world whose appearance many are able to imagine. But only a few would talk about it. Perhaps that would not be so good either. What lies below the surface can be brutal and sometimes it erupts. In my pictures you can see the impressions of things that are concealed light up in the back of your head.

Jan Fischer,  Germany
Prize winner 2011, Photography


What I particularly like about this contest is the differentiation in the way violence prevention is approached: On the one hand the individual submissions raise the awareness of audiences that the prevention of violence is necessary. In a way, the artistic works have the effect here of a mouthpiece which draws attention to this problem in human interactions. On the other hand, because the contest is also open for contributions from school classes, young people are motivated to confront this sensitive topic intensively in a pedagogical context. For these children and young people long-lasting awareness of the topic of violence prevention is formed.

Daniel Ricci,  Italy/Germany
Prize winner 2011, Animated Film