About the Contest

Preventing Violence for the Sake of Children and Youth

The "agi ArbeitsGruppe International" and the non-profit organization "Glückliche Familie e.V." have initiated this annual contest in collaboration with universities, other institutions, cooperation partners, and media.

Photography, Short Films, Animated Films, Game Design, Film Soundtracks/Sound Design, Dramaturgy

The contest is intended to heighten awareness of and opposition to forms of violence practiced and consumed and placing this awareness at the center of public life.

Widely used in many different ways, the key media of photography, film, animation, and gaming – which are based on content-based structure, expression and film soundtracks – can make an important contribution to raising awareness about this subject.

For this reason we welcome subjective-artistic positions as well as a documentary style in approaching the topic or highly varied interpretive forms.

We assume that artistic talent has an obligation not only to private interests but should also support charitable causes, and invite you to commit your talent to the contest and support protecting young people and children against violent influences.